Jabon, as a project, presents new musical ideas, sounds, images and performances that are designed to entertain. Writing a love song to perform on stage has been done tens of thousands of times, but to open up a new channel, or to channel something old into something new... that's what Jabon does.

Jabon is dark ambient avant garde disco comedy. The music can stand on it's own for those who want to listen; nevertheless, in the current music and art climate, performance is also key to the success of the artist. People want entertainment: Jabon is entertaining. The combination of surreal sounds, familiar rhythms, abstract films, costumes, parlor tricks, lights, cameras, action - that's entertainment. No matter your mood, Jabon has something to provide. It's provoking, tickles the senses, and aims to be much more than "Just A Bunch Of Noise".

Jabon - Live at the Josphine, Seattle, WA August 18th, 2012 from scott colburn on Vimeo.

The Music

While Jabon's first release came out in 1985, sadly, most of the releases are out of print. With the new technology, comes a resurrection of some older titles, as well as all of the current titles.

In keeping with what the kids are in to, Jabon material can be previewed at


and all kinds of madness can be had at


And here's an interesting article in the Stranger Jabon - the Uncut Interview

A multitude of live video can be seen on YouTube

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